Research and data services

Research Services

BTO staff undertake bird surveys, site assessments, distribution studies, population studies, impact studies, reviews and many other projects, sometimes with the support of experienced volunteers.  Often, our large-scale datasets provide useful backgrounds against which to focus any more local assessments.

Data Services

The BTO collects, stores and disseminates data and information especially on birds and their habitats, and primarily although not exclusively from the UK.  Most of the data result from one of the Trust's surveys and some of these include other animals than birds.

Surveys range from extensive atlases of the distribution and numbers of all birds over the whole country at different seasons, to detailed counts of single species in particular habitats, as well as records of the contents and fate of nests and information from the capture of individual birds for ringing.

The BTO is committed to making all its data available to users, as needed. This is through its own website, the National Biodiversity Network (NBN) Gateway or directly.


BTO publishes books, scientific journals, membership magazines, survey newsletters and research reports; the staff publish articles in the scientific and popular press; others publish similarly using BTO data.