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Tawny Owl

We are very lucky that so many people recognise the value of the work being undertaken by the BTO and its volunteers. 

Our appeals help to fund important research and projects and highlight the plight of many of our bird species.

Our current appeals

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Arctic Skua. Photograph by Moss Taylor

Tracking Arctic Skuas

Major crashes have occurred in the UK breeding population of Artci Skua. Help fund this project to pinpoint the reasons why, and create an action plan to help this iconic seabird.
Tawny Owl

BTO Owl Appeal

We’re in the dark and we need your help. Owls play an important role in our environment. We urgently need your help to understand more about the ecology and population status of owls in the UK.

As apex predators they sit at the top of the food chain and are therefore excellent indicators of the health of the countryside. We need a much better understanding of their population trends, how they use different habitats and how they interact with other species.

Cuckoo and Nightingale Appeal

Cuckoo and Nightingale Appeal

Donate now to fund vital research to ensure Cuckoo and Nightingale don’t become sounds of the past.
Turtle Dove. Photograph by Tom Streeter

Make our Science Count

Make a donation to help ensure that our voice is at the heart of post-Brexit decision-making on birds and their habitats.

BTO Curlew Appeal

Help fund our urgent package of research into the rapid decline of Curlew in the UK.

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